Not for you. is a long-term project of Bad Kleinen's OLE VERSTAND. It's applying an almost unknown fake twitter-quote of "Mr. Tippytop" to point on the subtextual attitudes of today's popular loudmouths & phonies.

You are no punk, you punk. It's all 'bout the real junk.

Bad Kleinen was an illegal live venue in the heart of Berlin in the early 2Ks where you don't wish your child to go there. Or even yourself.

Since 2001 we were creating cheating themes that drug but don't give a fuck. This was intended to be the beginning of a mindblowing funny revolution - but it wasn't. Nearly 20 years later we all fall apart and now most of us can see something's wrong in reality. Even all those dickheads who are part of the problem. Our message is: Best entertainment is to step out of the personalized "trick-or-treat"-system. It's easy, cheerful and not at all radicalizing. Therefore we'll show you some helpful hints.

Bad Kleinen Staff
  • Customer satisfaction

    CS is capitalistic bullshit. You don't need this hell. Buying is not being. Best things in life are free. Your own personalized revolution is available. Get in touch with your inner emptiness instead of hassling others with your greed.

  • Savvy sleepwalking

    Your life in suggestive slavery. Your "free will". Only sheep need a leader. Question authority. Fuck supremacists. Stop listening to dumb twits & obeying oppression. All commercials are propaganda. Consider that any perception is brainwashing. You will become what you consume.

  • Carreer opportunities

    Prostitute yourself as a product for the market. With ridiculous activities like wasting lifetime, neglecting morality, and living without love. But desired social mobility for everybody is fiction.


Yes. We sell suff.


    The record-label TROGLODYT Schallplatten from Berlin is occasionaly releasing split-7"s of hot & unknown smashers & misses of a German/Berlin underground scene that was flourishing in the "no-money-needed"-90s (when creativity & chaos was not restricted) and faded away like a shy bambi when robber-economy appeared on the scene. Too bad if you missed it. But you can listen & purchase it's anarchic spirit at the label-site on


    Nobody seems to give a shit for the future of the young on this planet. The YCKMA-Logo may be the contemporary "no future" for this gridlock'd static times of preservation we're undergoing. No matter of your real age, everybody can be part of our "Youth Can Kiss My Ass"-movement with a glow-in-the-dark-print. Buy shirts in three fancy colours here:


    Fabulous TIFF McGINNIS created the voodoo-graphics of OLE VERSTAND's digital coin-operated jukebox. The LITTLE RAT SHOP was assembled in a rush! Subsequently Ole asked friends & local players to curate 16-track-compilations for this project. Now you can shake & break your bones with this DIY-jukebox in selected boozy venues in Berlin from time to time. Subscribe to our newsletter for accurate informations.

Little Rat Shop 
            (Photography by Sebastian Mayer)


It's a DIY,
coin-operated touchscreen-jukebox
incl. 50+ dropout-compilations
by Berlin-related underground-artists.

Makes your ears bleed
with about 1000 (in-)famous tracks
from 7 decades of teenage-hysteria.

Graphics: Tiff McGinnis
Photo: Sebastian Mayer

Some of our admired contributors are ...

(click on artist-links to listen to their
16-track-compilations or visit
MARINA MAINWAY's channel on YouTube
to listen through nearly all aural tweets)

OLE VERSTAND's dyi-jukebox presents 16-track compilations of musicians, artists, critics, discjockeys, and former guests of legendary BAD KLEINEN (live-venue in Berlin-Mitte before massive gentrification was completed).

You can view & listen to our jukebox-trailer or join a jukebox-night (simply subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this website).

Counting Knowledge
the "Youth-Can-Kiss-My-Ass"-style:





Inconsistencies & consequences

Detecting defects could be an enlightening journey.

There's a little bit of everything
:in every thing -

Your vulnerability and inconsistency is the main-reason why you want to be a stepping stone for something more powerful. Something that makes you feel considerable and great. All subliminal suggestions of supremacy will be wrecking the balances of the powers and spreading
.hate, aggression, and total desaster

A clear intellect is
.and undogmatic at heart

.Peut être. Peut être non

We are all dumbheads.
No. Yes.

Be honest to yourself. You are not at all a knowitall. Mistrust your senses and your self-deceivingly assumed sanity. Your doubts will boost inner growth or - as an inevitable consequence of your moronic ignorance - everlasting unconsciousness and inferior instincts will persist to be the origin of a blunt, failing, neophobic ego.

Neophilia is the real junk.
Be your own queen/king
of self-fulfillment

Be part of nothing.

TROGLODYT Schallplatten

Counterculture on vinyl-records: split-7"s from East-Berlin

Release-Infos: #001 & #002, #003, #004 & #005

Bad Ass:


100% illegal rampage in Berlin


  • First Bad Kleinen
  • Rochstraße/Berlin
  • Art: Jens Kloppmann
  • Sports: "fire-brigading"
  • Love: GG Allin portrait
  • Starguest: Berlinale show


  • Second Bad Kleinen
  • Krausenstraße/Berlin
  • Drink: Fuzzy Logic
  • Sports: basement-bowling
  • Love: wooden world map
  • Starguest: Johnny Marr


  • Third Bad Kleinen
  • Gertraudenbrücke/Berlin
  • Social: Knabenleid e.V.
  • Sports: "locksmithing"
  • Love: "Luftkampf" lightbox
  • Starguest: RBB TV-show

Our think thanks for a mindbending fake-fake:

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